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Gitano citadel, the capital of the Gitano kingdom.

In August 1st 2009, Gitano Kingdom was officially founded and governed by Tung Pham (known as “Beo” to the Gitanian citizens), a Vietnamese boy that declared himself as the King of Gitano and established his own country in Gitano City which is located in Bien Hoa city, Vietnam at this point. Although the King of Gitano founded Gitano as a true country, the kingdom used to be a colony of Vietnam in its post-foundation days. Vietnam surrounded The Gitano Citadel and had full control over the country. Gitano was completely dependent on Vietnam’s source of food, education, military and transportation. At this age, there were little people that considered Gitano Kingdom as a true country. People only ever acknowledged Gitano as for entertainment and the currency of Gitano were worthless.