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King Minh An in 2013

After a few years of developing and sustaining, Gitano is reaching its golden ages, in both economic and political matters. In May 7th 2010, a Vietnamese citizen named Minh An wanted to be the leader of Gitano and prove his worthiness. Believing he might do a good job, King Beo decided to abdicate his throne in favor of Minh An to give him a chance, he wanted to assess Minh An’s ability of being a king and also considering a possibility that Minh An could replace him as king.

Soon after that, Minh An has shown himself to be a brutal and greedy leader. He took full control of the palace within moments after reaching it, taking control of the Royal Army and secured all of the money in the palace to put into his possessions. Minh An soon became a dictator when he decided to raise the taxes and forces people to do whatever he wants to do. This absolute reason made the people of Gitano disappointed and enraged.

One hour after Minh An took control of the country, the people decided to revolt and attack the palace with whatever they got. The citizens of Gitano quickly took control of the palace again, overthrowing Minh An out of his thrown. Minh An’s dynasty only lasted for a mere hour, before being destroyed by his own people due to his bad qualities as a leader.